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After School Kidz Zone

The mission for After School Kidz Zone is to provide affordable before & after school childcare latchkey that meets the needs of each child and family in a safe and educational environment.

Our focus is the individual needs of the whole child while providing quality, reliable, and safe child interactions. 


 Our staff has extensive experience working with a wide range of age groups and personalities.

Your child is in good hands when you leave them with After School Kidz Zone!

About Us


Maria Adams-Lawton is the founder of Afterschool Kidz Zone LLC and here is her story.


In 1984, after graduating from high school, Maria Adams-Lawton started working at Golightly Educational Center as a paraprofessional while attending Wayne State University majoring in engineering. At that time the parent group was trying to start an after school latch-key program for parents who needed before and after school care for their children. On days when she didn’t have classes Ms. Adams-Lawton would volunteer and work for the program. She worked in the program for a couple years until she received a fulltime job. In 1990, Ms. Adams-Lawton decided to go back to school and become a teacher. In 1994, she never forgot her wonderful experience at Golightly and was selected to do her student teaching at Golightly that school year. During this time she started back volunteering in the afterschool program again.

In 1996, the director of the program was retiring from the position and asked Ms. Adams-Lawton to be the director. Ms. Adams-Lawton held the position until 2007 when the new parent board decided they no longer wanted the responsibility of running the program and asked if she wanted to take over the entire program. In 2007, she changed the name and now operates at several locations with over 250 children.  Afterschool Kidz Zone LLC combines recreation, education, life skills and role modeling in a year-round program. The youth participates in a variety of sports and enrichment activities such as soccer, basketball, baseball, football, cheerleading, water polo, tennis, skiing, lacrosse, swimming, & track and field. The youth also participate in enrichment activities by focusing on archery, dance, art, karate, chess, robotics and drama activities during the school year.

Meet The Team

Childcare Staff

Ms. Brenda.jpg

Brenda Williams
Childcare Specialist

“I have been working for the company since 2014. I enjoy being around and active with the little ones. I love helping kids too accomplish learning and good habits.”


Sonya Harris

Childcare Specialist


Kimberly Hubbard
Childcare Specialist


Catherine Moss
Program Director

Ramone Thompson

Childcare Specialist

Regina Smith

Childcare Specialist

Ms. Bettie.jpeg

Bettie Clark

Facility Manager

UPSM Staff

Jaylen Morgan

Childcare Specialist

Jaylen Hayden


Our Services

We provide before and after school childcare latchkey

Business Hours
During School (Sept. - June)
Monday - Friday 
6:30am - 8:30am
3:30pm - 6:30pm


Call 313-205-1898


Age Group
Children Age 5 - 14


For before/after care you must register at Tindal or call (313) 205-1898. Registration Fee: $25

Childcare Flyer.jpg


“After School Kidz Zone is so much fun because I love being with my friends, playing board games and going outside to play. I love the latchkey teachers…Ms. Vance helps me with what I need and Jaylen plays games with me in the gym. My mom works there too and I love being with her.”

 Kai Carter

“Latchkey was fun for me because we had Halloween Parties and went on field trips to the movies and went skating at the Northland Skating Rink.  I remember when I was in first grade we went to an indoor carnival at the Russell Warehouse and we played games, there were rides and lots of food. I made new friends in latchkey and the supervisors were helpful. "   Chloe Wright

“Latchkey is so much fun because we go to the gym and I can play basketball. I didn’t have gym this year so I look forward to running around and shooting the ball with my friends in latchkey.”

Jayden Alford




We guarantee our services. Our program provides a healthy environment that fosters self-confidence, growth, and educational achievement.



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